Our Chairman Mr. Abdulbaki Aydın made his first step in the construction sector in 1978 under his own name and continued under an institutionalized structure after establishing ABA Construction Industry and trade Co., Inc. in 1990

In those years, he established AYBA İnş.LTD Ş.T.İ. in order to take better  advantage of the lager volume  of business in the construction sector, after a while he established ABAMER Mermer  Maden A.Ş., as it is currently named and started operations in building materials sector on the one hand (iron products, tiles, ceramics, marble, XPS sealant, joint fillers) while on the other hand acting as franchisees of many building material producers. From the date it has been established, ABA Construction made no compromise of honesty, integrity and quality and achieved a certain line of stability making slow but strong steps, making best use of information and technology.

Our company has so far satisfactorily completed the works it has undertaken in superstructure (Hospitals, schools, housing estates, miscellaneous government buildings) and in infrastructure (fresh Water Networks, Sewage Networks and Treatment facilities), this making a modest but sound and respectable position for itself in the construction sector.

Our Cmpany targets, with its 3/ years of experience, reaching t a modern and higher quatily future making no compromise of its principles and making best use of the innovations brought by technoloogy.