The factory is located in Elazig industriel zone in a central point with completed infrastructure. 3.000m2 closed are used as factory building and 400m2 two storey building as an administration center are located on totally 15.000m2 area. The marble can be taken from quarry and cutten, polished, packed in the plant by large engine park. The machines in engine park are in first quality and bought in 2007. The plant has 300m2 capacity to embrodiery the marble everyday. 

Onyx and marbles which are getting from mines are cut by edge technology machines dimensionally.Also,These are ready for  dispatching ,after polishing by theworld-renowned brand which  is Breton and packing.Our factory's dimensioning capacity is 300 m2 daily.As we are Aba marble family( 5 person adminisrrative and 35 person totally 40 person) complete the all orders infully and expeditiously.Our firm increases its capacity and renewing its machine park every year regularly since 2005.Our factory is one of the most important  and  well known company in Elazig and also region and our firm is receiving orders from every parts of Turkey.

The area has the most varied marble assortment and reserve and kinds both in Turkey and in the world. There is some famous kinds of marble known by all over the world;as Elazig cherry, black, green, beige, Hazar pink, and travertine.There is a big opportunity to work on these kinds of marbe in your own plant and also there is a big chance to collect marble from quarry owners that do not have a plant or factory to embrodiery the marbles. There is a lot of quarry just supplying block marble.